Style your closet: With the Diorissimo bag

If I had to make a list of one of the must-have handbags of the year, the Diorissimo would definitely be in there. And, if you’re looking to invest in a purse that would need to be both fashionable and practical for your hectic days, there you go!

It might look like a deja-vu purse but I love how it can be both casual and extremely elegant at the same time. Nevertheless, the best part is how you can throw anything inside it! I tend to carry a lot of stuff every time I’m going out and the Diorissimo can definitely become your best friend for your everyday’s errands.

Available in 2 different sizes, many colors and also in exotic skins

Love this color!

Celebrities are already extremely fond of the Diorissimo and I’m loving how they’re styling it! As for our readers in Lebanon, this bag is expected to arrive to the boutique this week.

Olivia Palermo

Jessica Alba

Fashionably yours,

                                    Lana xx

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