Style your closet: With Matthew Williamson FW12 @Piaff Boutique

I really like Matthew Williamson’s work. His current winter collection is something you should really take a look at. L’Armoire De Lana passed by Piaff Boutique in Clemenceau to take few snapshops of must-see (and a must-have) items, especially for all of you who are looking for a change in their closets!

Photography: Charbel Saade

1. The dresses:

Weddings, galas and other sort of events aren’t things lacking on the Beirut scene. I’m sure you have a least one huge thing coming up this winter, if not now, most probably around the Christmas season.

The below three dresses are gorgeous for various reasons. The first one has the most powerful color and I love the embellished collar as for the second one, it’s more refined and the use of lace is fab. I love the peplum, very different than the actual commercial one. The third dress is more fun, the colors marry nicely together and it has this little shimmer that makes it so preppy!

Here’s a little focus on a dress that took my heart away! Fingers crossed on a special occasion soon because it really is beautiful. This dark and shimmery purple is gorgeous, the collar brings in more life and color and my favorite part is the lower cut of the dress. I so see myself wearing it with a neon clutch..

Last but not least in my selection of dresses, here’s a long dress for a very soft look. If you’re  more of a prints person, you’re going to be served! Little details here and there and a V-back. It might be the dress you’re looking for!

2. The coats: you might be looking for the right coat to match your outfit this winter and yet keep you warm and relaxed.

I couldn’t help but choose these to be in this post. Both the blue and the grey coats below can passe-partout on any of your outfits. They have very different cuts, depending on what you’re looking for. What made my heart go for these is the shimmery parts here and there. Makes them so glam!

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx