Style your closet: With a pair of Sophia Webster’s heels

Shoe fetish? Yes, I AM. And recently, I’m having a major obsession/crush on Sophia Webster’s amazing heels. Why? I find that in very little time, she was able to create her very own universe of shoes, full of colors and very distinctive shapes. As you might know already, I dress according to my mood but it doesn’t stop there. I have this little craziness inside me that makes me truly appreciate the designers that are able to distinct themselves from the others.

Her strength resides in the fact that she’s able to mix all types of textures, prints and colors and stays able to create a perfectly harmonious pair of shoes. Some might find her too much oriented towards  very saturated and sometimes flashy colors but then she adds a touch of black&white and the pair becomes divine.

Contrarily to what you might think, such pairs of heels aren’t that complicated to style. On the contrary, they become your very own statement to transform a casual jeans-white shoes or black shorts-bustier into something out of this world. 

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I could have a closet full of her creations! I just love it when a designer keeps on surprising me!

Note: The brand is currently available in Beirut at Plum concept store in downtown Beirut.

Online, you can shop it on net-a-porter.com or on her website.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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