Style your closet: Chanel’s Tulipe Noire

Today is about another flawless Chanel product, released in Fall 2007. In fact, I’ve discovered that I’ve bought it back then and that I’d never used it! “Tulipe Noire” was released in limited edition. Chanel is truly a pioneer in trend setting!! Tulipe Noire is a deep plum or more precisely a rich burgundy with a very subtle gold shimmer. I simply loved it and these colors are actually the trend so I’m going to start using it more often!

Tulipe Noire, CHANEL, Fall 2007

The below picture shows the nail polish on @CerinaSahely ‘s hands.

Trust me, it looks richer in color in reality!!

As it’s out of the market, I’ve looked up two products close to it:

"After Sex", Essie : Shimmer Burgundy

"Apparat" from Dior Christmas 2011 collection

As you can see, the Dior is closer to Tulipe Noire, and if you like this color, hurry up to the stores because the Christmas collections are either sold out or replaced by the Spring ones!

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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