Beauty: Chanel’s Harmonie de Printemps for Spring 2012

I’m sure most of you noticed how fan I am of Chanel’s beauty products. I must admit that I try to control my feelings when it comes to these products so that I don’t appear too biased, haha!

Chanel’s Spring 2012 Makeup Collection, HARMONIE DU PRINTEMPS, comes in to drive me even crazier about the brand’s makeup creations! Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, clearly inspired himself by the changes that occur during the seasonal shift from winter to spring. In fact, the use of very subtle shades of rose, coral and peach come to give us this soft radiance that is synonym of Spring. The bright pinks and corals are beautiful to dress our lips and add more life to this soft makeup that this collection is bringing in.

Chanel Harmonie De Printemps, makeup collection for Spring 2012

As you can guess, I couldn’t but run to go check this collection for you all and here are my favorite picks!

Blush Horizon in Eclat Douceur  (Limited Edition, $58)

I love this blush! It looks very different from what Chanel has been releasing for the last couple of years because it brings a gorgeous compact of 5 different shades that would give a mixed of bronze and blush look: freshness with the pinks and warm cheeks with the peach tones. It will give your cheeks a very strong pink color with a beautiful peach glow. I was surprised at the harmony that this unique powder blush gives when all these tones are blended together!! Such a natural color!  

Blush Horizon de Chanel

Poudre Universelle Compacte in Jasmin  (Limited Edition, $39)

I’ve never purchased a poudre before so I thought it was the right occasion a Jasmin is a very luminous beige with a touch of gold. In order to use it, you have to apply it on your face before the blush; it will give you a very subtle glow.

Jasmin, poudre universelle compacte

Les 4 Ombres  Quadra Eyeshadow: ECLOSION ($57)

Wow, now my favorite part of the collection. I totally fell in love with how gorgeous this eyeshadow quad is. If you haven’t bought any neutral shades to keep up with the natural makeup trend, this is the palette to get!! The peach and beige eye shadows are so natural and each one of them would look perfect with a little bit of mascara on your eyes, a pinkish blush and a bright slightly glossy lipstick (yes they’re back too!). As for the gold shade, you can use it at any time, blended with your natural makeup or with black eyeliner at night. Finally, the plum shade is the only strong color in this quad and I really like the fact that its texture is so good that it doesn’t turn too dark on the skin.

Les 4 Ombres: Eclosion

From left in the top to the right corner: Peach, Gold, Beige, Plum

And here's how these 4 eyeshadows would look on your skin: Beige, Peach, Gold, Plum

My choices for the lips:

Paradis (39): a very vivid pink shade, the more you add on your lips, the stronger it looks.


Chalys (07): a very consistent peach/light coral, you will love it for this summer.


Nail Polishes: 

Again and again !! Chanel is the trendsetter, in my opinion, when it comes to nail polish!! “April, May, June” are the new colors part of Chanel’s Spring 2012 collection. As you will see, each one of these nail polish goes for a very different color that can perfectly describe the season. Checkout below the description given by Chanel for each of these nail polishes. I’ve personally went back to check Chanel’s nail polish colors for the last 7 years and there’s nothing close to these; even if it might appear to you as deja-vu! June is definitely my favorite of the three!

April, May, June

April: “The highly luminous garnet of wild berries.”

May:  “Intense pink, the universal shade of happiness.”

June: “Pastel apricot, like a foretaste of summer”

Plus, for the first time ever, Chanel reveals a Rouge Coco Baume ($32); thus a sort of a fashionable hydrating conditioning lip balm. I would personally strongly advise you not to get it because it’s not as good as it may look! Stick to pharmaceutical brands when you need to buy such things!!

Rouge Coco Baume

Last but not least, I must take a minute to say that these products are in my opinion slightly overpriced but I mean, if you decide to get one of these, you’ll be sure to invest in a great product. As for the eyeshadows and the lipsticks, these colors are also available in other brands so I’ll make sure to post more about these tones worked by other makeup brands soon. Stay tuned babies!

Fashionably yours, 

                                Lana xx

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