Stunning Beirut: What’s coming up in Beirut

The Lebanese political situation has been very precarious for the last few days and we really hope it’ll get solved asap…In the meanwhile, here are a couple of good news in town.

On my way to Downtown district this afternoon, I’ve noticed that an ad has been placed on the building holding Valentino, Tom Ford and other stores. This ad announces the opening of Cavalli Caffe soon. I don’t know what to really expect from this as I’m not a big fan of fashion cafes but I think this is good news anyway! We need to always have new places to check out! I can’t wait to try it out!

Cavalli Caffe about to open in Beirut

Then, as I was finishing few errands in Beirut Souks, I’ve stumbled upon the below announce. GAP IS ABOUT TO OPEN IN LEBANON! This is just PERFECT. I really like this brand for everyday clothing and they really have cute items for evenings out. Can’t wait for the opening!


On this note, my prayers go to Lebanon and let’s hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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6 Responses

  1. Hala Mazeh

    That’s gr8 news indeed 😀 trust me lanloun when u try cavalli caffe ur gona change ur gona become a fan of fashion cafes 😉 ..any idea when will Gap open exactly?

    1. I’ve tried Armani cafe in Dubai and i liked it!! Let’s see how this one will be!! No idea for Gap that was all the available info..let’s see!

  2. Lina

    Gap will open soon this is a great news for the upcoming days still investing in Lebanon we still need a lot and lot of brands to open.wish that can happen .

    1. Let’s hope for a more stable situation and thus a more welcoming environment for new brands and stores! I join my wishes to yours dear Lina !xx