Stunning Beirut: Shopped at Piaff Boutique

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of months ago, a gift voucher from Piaff Boutique. Most of you already know how much I’m fond of this store located in Beirut. I tried to be as smart a shopper can be and decided to wait until all the winter collections arrived at the store.

As usual, my experience there was the best as the shop manager showed me so many things my heart fell for, until I had my eyes set on the below Maison Martin Margiela (MM6 to be more precise) black leather clutch. I loved it because it typically fits me as its a very classic and minimalistic piece with a little crazy/colorful hint.

I have the admit that the main reason why I got this clutch is how it can be held..

Stay tuned for more about the exquisite pieces that I’m currently in love with at Piaff Boutique!

Fashionably yours,

                          Lana xx

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