Stunning Beirut: Pynkiss first store in Lebanon

If you’ve read the first post of Lana Talks To, we’ve introduced Pynkiss and Caroline Watson their style ambassador. In fact, Pynkiss is an Italian high end fashion brand all about Hello Kitty for babies and women of all ages.

On Saturday April 28th, Pynkiss officially inaugurated their first store in Beirut, located in Dbaye right after ABC department stores. For this event, the british celebrity stylist Caroline Watson flew right from LA and it was a pleasure to meet with her and discuss Pynkiss, fashion and her job as a stylist.

During the event, the attendees enjoyed cupcakes, champagne and they could also get a manicure! The best part was the competition offering a Hello Kitty Jewelry piece worth $5,000.

The worldwide owner of Hello Kitty, Mr Tsuji flew to Beirut with his wife to attend the event, I love when such events take place in town! I can’t stop repeating that! haha

Caroline Watson, official ambassador and stylist of the brand

custom-designed cupcakes that the attendees enjoyed during the event

Mr Tsuji and his wife also came to Beirut especially for the event. Mr Tsuji is the owner of Hello Kitty.

Mrs Tsuji

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty but I loved how Pynkiss was able to bring to life this character in a different way. The available handbags are really nice pieces and I could definitely go to get a shirt or pair of sweatpants to add a different style to my closet.

Pynkiss handbags

L'Armoire De Lana's selection

I have also heard that Pynkiss will soon be opening a second store in Beirut!!

Stay tuned.

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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