Stunning Beirut: Piaff Boutique Summer 2012 store display

I pay particular attention to store displays. I think it’s the most important facade of a fashion store especially because when the feel of the collections are correctly conveyed, then it would only encourage each one of us to enter it.

Piaff Boutique in Beirut always has amongst the most original store displays in town. I love how every season marks a new success for the boutique because their vitrines are extremely catchy and always just right!

Now that the Summer 2012 store display is set, I couldn’t but feel the need to share with you these fab pictures of it!

When you look at the first pictures, you will just be taken by the gorgeous colors but as you scroll down and look at the others, you will discover how genius the idea behind this display is! YES, they have used the mini-umbrellas made of paper that we usually find in party cocktails and canapes. I just LOVE the idea because it’s all about summer, the beach, the colorful shades, the parties and the love.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely pass by the Clemenceau branch, take a look at it and at the in-store selections!

This store display was made by Najla El Zein.

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx




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