Stunning Beirut: My interview on Helwi El Hayet

Last Wesneday June 12th, I had the pleasure to be interviewed about my blog on Helwi El Hayet, TV show broadcasted on LBC. I had already been on this show last year but this time it was much more interesting as I got the chance to go more into details regarding my work on the blog, the interactions with my readers and all of the work I’ve been doing outside blogging. Furthermore, I had few minutes to give beauty tips for this summer, especially concerning how to take a better care of your hair!
Find below the link to the video, after pressing play, move the cursor to 1h (60 minutes) as I was the last guest on the show so you don’t have to watch the entire show but directly watch my appearance.

Let me know your thoughts!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx