Stunning Beirut: Let Naiiman Be Your Escape

Getting a massage/facials or having your hair/nails/makeup done should be a luxury. In fact, in today’s super fast world, we barely have time for ourselves. As soon as I entered Naiiman, the entire setting, the color palette of the decor (especially the recent wall paintings by the artist Gina Succar), the details, the music, the very charming personnel, the professionalism, everything was there to make this place the right escape. Beirut can get very suffocating and with my work, I always feel that I’m running from one place to another.
Personally, I fell in LOVE with Naiiman. The blue is their trademark color, it is everywhere in the Spa and it’s just so soothing.
Starting with its name “Naiiman”, the entire place becomes very intriguing, as it is the right mix between the oriental details of a hammam and the modern vintage that we all love. Travel with me through the below pictures and they will immediately translate my words…

the latest artwork by Gina Succar in the hair saloon

it’s all about the details..

As you can see, this place by its setting itself is the greatest escape. Stay tuned for more about Naiiman. 
Meanwhile, for more information about the treatments and the beauty services at Naiiman, please call: 00961 1 787 858
Naiiman’s address: Nour building, Chile Street, Verdun, Beirut, Lebanon.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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4 Responses

  1. elaine mubaidin

    Great to see talent and attention to detail! It makes all the difference when looking for a quick getaway to indulge ones self. Thanks!!
    Your always so Fab LANA!!

  2. Raeda kreitem

    I can’t agree more….Naiiman is all what Lana said & much more:it’s the Spa where all ladies especially relax,meet and most important forget the everyday nagging & stress issues..it’s My Place