Stunning Beirut: Chocol’art at Beirut Souks – BUY YOUR TICKETS!

Please mark you calendars! The second annual Chocol’art charity event will be taking place this Saturday 20th of October in Beirut Souks starting 8pm. This event will be supporting the BRAVE HEART fund (www.braveheartfund.org)..

I’m planning to be there and I hope you can all make it! The event is a ticketed event and it will be for $50 only (100% of the proceeds will go to the Charity BRAVE HEART).

Please note that over 60 artists and fashion designers will be participating including international Lebanese designer Abed Mahfouz.

For ticket info: please call 01 350 00 ext 5590 or they can be purchased at Antoine’s Library in Beirut Souks.

Fashionably yours,

                           Lana xx

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