Stunning Beirut: Bensimon now open in Beirut Souks

The classic French summer tennis shoe brand is now available in Beirut. I have tons of friends who used to ask me to get them a couple of pairs every time I go to Paris and now we have the luxury to have the eponym store open in Beirut. Bensimon has opened its doors in December, in Beirut Souks, right next to Massimo Dutti’s branch and facing Armani Exchange.
So effortlessly hip, those tennis shoes can add a little French chic to any outfit from casual jeans to cute little dresses. Hurry up and checkout the great range of available colors! I’ve been hesitating myself about adopting this trend and I think that my love for comfy outfits will take over and I’m so getting a pair soon!
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx 

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