Stunning Beirut: Anna Dello Russo x H&M @BeirutSouks

I’ve never stood in line for any of the H&M collab collections; but after checking the items Anna Dello Russo created for H&M, I promised myself to do it no matter what. It wasn’t that easy for me to wake up at 6AM hahaha but I managed! I chose to go to the H&M store located in Beirut Souks.

I was surprised at first because it wasn’t as crowded as I expected. I think it might be because today is a working day and this is an accessories collection. The previous clothing collaborations (Marni, Versace, etc.) were sold out in less than an hour in Beirut.

After rushing in and taking one piece of every single item, I sat on the floor and spent an hour trying them on in order to select wisely what I wanted. I made sure I secured those sunglasses, I’ve been so excited to get this pair for so long!!

super cool headpiece! I’m not that courageous though!

People are still  coming to the store as it is well stocked and you might still find a lot of accessories. So, if you haven’t got the time to drop by yet, I’d advise you to go tonight because I’m sure it should sell out by tomorrow morning!

It was a great experience after all, can’t wait for other great H&M capsule collections!!

My final selection!

Fashionably yours,

                              Lana xx

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