Strong, Modern, Ambitious

I can’t forget last ready-to-wear season when I attended Dior’s FW15 fashion show. I was taken by surprise. Simons had been making changes but with this collection, it was time for a completely different direction. The creative director took us from Dior’s eternal and timeless “femme fleur” to a new liberate “femme animal”. Yes, it’s time to leave the preppy garden behind and wander into wild nature.

I’ve been blogging for five years already and with years passing by, I loved seeing my sense of style evolving from the cute little girl to the strong, modern and ambitious lady. This change came naturally yet was the result of all these years of work in the fashion field. With time, I learned more about what I truly like, the cuts that fit me the most but I also defined all of the matters that are important to me. Since the end of 2013, women empowerment has been a major topic in my articles and I’ve tried to team up with several NGOS that fight for women rights. It’s a subject very dear to me.

All of my followers/readers know that I tend to dress in accordance to my mood but I believe the style direction I’ve chosen this year is very clean. I love clean cuts, minimalistic style yet contrasted with strong statement pieces.

Loved wearing the Dior key piece of the season, the beaded silver turtleneck with a stunning green leather ¾ length dress. I felt different, stronger. It feels amazing when a wind of change takes over your closet and makes you try the most stunning pieces that you never thought you’d style together.

I am wearing: total look from DIOR

Photography: Moez Ashour

Location: Downtown, Dubai, UAE

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B74Y0200 B74Y0180

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx