Strength by any other name…

Contribution by: Shoug Al Nafisi

Starting the new year, many of us look at a blank page and try to write out a more accomplished and successful year to take on. Usually we’d be ambitious, with a slight hint of sarcasm. Then again, what’s to keep you from getting as close as you can to what you’ve written down?

It only takes one word: strength.


Five steps to a stronger you:

  1. Take a breath

To make any move, you’ll have to put a whole lot of heart and head into it. In order to be decisive and actually make the right move, you’ll need to be focused, organized, and in control. Meditation and breathing are not just hobbies, but the right habits to pick up. Consider this your first key to mental strength.

  1. Challenge

Keeping up that drive to achieve requires that you invest in the second key to mental strength. The challenge in learning something new forces your brain to think in ways it hasn’t done before, and creates new goals for you to accomplish. The resulting excitement isn’t only satisfying, but also just earned you perspective.

  1. Resilience

Happiness builds mental resilience. That is, it gives you the capacity to handle stress in a much better way. Your third key to mental strength doesn’t ask for much, so make sure you have your regular dose of happy.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Being the best you can be is only achieved by first realizing and understanding yourself, your emotions, and those of the people around you. Emotional intelligence creates the circumstances for your development both personally and professionally.

  1. Physical strength

Your body’s health is just as important in having you get to where you want to be. Conquer physical milestones, flex your muscles, and keep that list of accomplishments growing. You’ll be impressed with your own energy and abilities if you develop the discipline to maintain a workout routine. Make this work!

Nowadays, time goes by a little too fast, and 24 hours are just not enough if you don’t manage to pull yourself together. Learn to be strong, and take on the year with firm steps in the right direction.

Thank you Shoug for empowering us, for making it all simpler to tackle. Strength it will be!

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