Street Style Stalking Around the World!

Today, looks spotted in ‘street style’ during fashion weeks makes it look like a catwalk, only built on the streets. So photographers and magazine editors run down to all the fashion shows to capture all the fashion imageries the streets has to offer to satisfy your eyes and fill your fashion hunger with remarkable fashion inspiration.

Here is a full report on different themes, spotted at the most important four fashion capitals, Paris, Milan, New York and London during Spring Summer 2016!

*Hues of red in my head!

The fashion crowd has descended on Paris for SS2016 in hues of red. Love is in the air. Well, at least for us, because we couldn’t help but throw a major crush on the red vinyl garment spotted on the streets from shoes and bags to jackets, especially the creatively moulded one. Another vinyl crush worth mentioning, is the one thats geometrically built with ruffles reminding us how fashion is a form of architecture only based on fabrics.


*London in Black & white!

You can confirm your presence in London by seeing all those beautiful ladies showcasing themselves minimally in black and white. In London, smartly structured outfits are built from blocks, trousers are cuffed at the ankle and english collars are signed with words. Among many other things that we loved, we couldn’t help but draw the attention on the unique cross bag looking pretty much like a cigarette box, only smoking HOT fashion!


*Milan’s colourful diary!

The Italian crowd never fails to satisfy us with exceptional style that favours astonishing street fashion inspiration especially that this year was similar to a fashion celebration linking colour coordination to fashionableness. Fashion snoops SS2016 Milan street style report identifies pastel colours taking different forms from splashes to floral patters, stripes, geometric forms and a phenomenal shape collage, leaving the streets vibrating with colours.


*White Hot in New York!

The simple yet chic touch about all those all-white ensemble spotted in New York made us think about how it is an easy way to look fresh all year long. Here, we detect the perforated white dress, the white goddess-like cape embroidered with gold, and the perfectly matched looks, be it vests with pants or skirts. So why complicate things when you can adopt a classic white combination? Make sure you try it yourself this summer!