SS2016 catwalk atmosphere – Gucci, Wang & Saab.

‘Fashion’ is a word that goes above and beyond the restriction to clothes and models. It’s very important to mention that the styling, the make up, accessories, but most importantly the art direction and setting the adequate décor is what makes a fashion show unforgettable and haunting.

Besides, it’s the whole mood that will ignite people’s imagination and invite them to take a step closer into the designer’s source of inspiration.

This is why this week, we focus on the atmosphere of 9 different fashion shows from the Spring Summer 2016 fashion weeks and today we start with Gucci, Alexander Mcqueen and Elie Saab.


An eclectic combination of a domestic and aristocratic set in an open air; a printed carpet in an old train-depot in the middle of industrial Milan, the perfect atmosphere to welcome the Gucci girls in loafers, Damask slip-ons, flares, heels, laces and satin, that all made a girly, geeky and vintage line-up.


Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang chose to celebrate his 10th anniversary on a big scale. This straight out of a rock show, was followed by an entertainment brought by pole dancers who appeared from behind a curtain at the back.

alexander wang

Elie Saab

‘It’s not different’ said our Lebanese eveningwear expert Elie Saab, ‘It’s the same but the mix is different.’Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner walked gracefully on the Saab runway at his Tuilleries venue. Day-to-night, easy to wear pieces were spotted; laces, empire lines, bomber and armless jackets, florals, embroideries and track suits… all took our breaths away.

elie saab

Stay tuned as the coming article focuses on Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger and Celine.