Sophie’s Choice

It’s with a huge shock that I’ve learnt last night that Sophie Salame, co-founder of Aishti and owner of the wonderful boutique Sophie’s Choice has passed away. Being on my honeymoon and not really aware of what’s actually going on in Beirut, I was utterly saddened by the news. I can never forget Sophie. My blog has taken me on the most wonderful of rides and thankfully I had the honor of meeting Sophie and working on several projects, learning from her incredible fashion expertise.

It’s very hard for me to find the right words or to pay you homage dear Sophie. Your death was very brutal, to each one of us and I don’t know what to think. Lebanon has lost one of its biggest fashion avant-garde individuals. I was fascinated by the way you managed your shop, you were a woman of strength and an example every lady should learn from. To me, a young unexperienced fashion blogger, you gave me all the advice I needed without any reticence. I remember our first meeting, talking hours and hours, setting plans for the future, coming up with ideas to try to change Beirut’s fashion scene. To me, you were my styling reference, the only person who knew the real rules for fashion buying. No one ever did a selection the way you did.

Sophie Salame Credits: Aishtiblog

Sophie Salame
Credits: Aishtiblog

I could go on and on but sometimes it’s better to just stick to the right words and leave the silence pay our respect to the departed souls.

I present my deepest condolences to Sophie Salame’s family, it’s a loss we’re all conscious of and saddened about. Allah Yer7ama, may her soul rest in peace.

We miss you already Sophie,

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

In loving memory of Sophie Salame