Things can get tough. Worldwide, things seem to get harder nowadays; whether on an economical or a political point of view. Most of the times, we become our own ennemies. I mean, it is completely OK to wake up one day doubting our life decisions, our achievements, our goals. As human beings, these are totally normal things. But this is not right. I’ve been blogging for the past five years and I feel grateful for all of the projects and initiatives I was able to be part of. But I’m a human being just like you. Sometimes, I wake up and I just want to stop everything. YES, I do receive deceiving emails, I even abruptly decide to drop few projects and I’ve entered the fashion sphere so deeply that it’s not easy to avoid all of the competition that’s taking place. But how do I deal with these situations? Or, let me rephrase, how did I learn to deal with these situations?

Feeling grateful. Yes, I am blessed for every single ongoing project in my life. I am so lucky to have met some of the most wonderful people of the industry, my blog has opened amazing doors and I couldn’t be happier/

Positive vibes only. Yes, it’s all it is about. If I am blogging, it’s because I want to share with you all everything I discover, everything I love and everything I am yet to achieve.

Connect with YOU. There is no greater reward than these crazy Snapchat Q/A sessions or even the answers you give me on every single Instagram post. I wish I could thank you personally. But the best part for me is actually receiving your emails, providing you with one-on-one styling advices, helping you in personal projects and even advise you on which ways to enter the industry.

Competition who? Wait, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I don’t have competitors. But hey, let me give you the official definition of blogging: ‘a website that contains a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions’. So, it’s personal. It can be very professional and aim for a luxury image but it stays personal, it stays subjective. Especially with the development of the concept of “influencer”, it’s very important to be genuine. Then, the way I think about it is: when it’s tailor-made, how would anyone compete with anyone else? Every personal experience is completely different, every single blogger has his own way of tackling things, of reviewing a hotel, of appreciating a dish, or reviewing a fashion show. There’s nothing more beautiful than a multitude of influencing people for a beautiful and enriching blog sphere. Enough said.

What to do: Find your inner balance. Spot the activities or the way of living you life that will make you feel the best way possible. For the past year, for me, it has been all about eating clean (as much as I can!) and heavily exercising to meet a certain fitness level. Why? Not because I want to be thinner or anything. It makes me feel HEALTHY, it helps me take stress OUT. For you, it could be reading, writing, practicing yoga, diving, traveling, options are endless.

What to remember: Your strength is measured by your ability to face any difficult situation. Refuse these hardships, they will not dictate how you want to grow to become.

The 5-minutes plan: Remove your hair tie, put on your favorite red lipstick, your oldest pair of heels. Lift your chin up, smile and rock the world. Do everything to make your life as beautiful as the crazy dreams in your imagination.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Loved discovering Rami Kadi’s Spring/Summer 2016 couture collection during my last trip to Paris. To escape the world’s current difficulties, Rami wanted to look at the beauty of spring and create a collection inspired by art and more precisely by Boticcelli’s “Primavera” painting. This translated into the techniques used for the dresses, modernizing some of the oldest techniques used by the Ottoman Empire.

IMG_7255-Edit IMG_7270-Edit IMG_7225-Edit IMG_7209-Edit

IMG_7285-Edit (1)

I am wearing: Rami Kadi Spring/Summer 2016 gown

Photography: Hana Levan

Location: Paris, France

Fashionably yours


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