Stunning Beirut: Social Media Week Fashion Day

Social Media Week Beirut (SMW Beirut) took place for the first time this week from monday 19th to friday 23rd. I was lucky to participate to one of the activities that took place on thursday 22nd, the scheduled day for Fashion & Beauty.

All of the events on that day took place at Silkor’s new offices in Saifi, Beirut.

First of all, it started with e-commerce and we got introduced to www.mistile.com, a website that is soon to be launched from Lebanon to the world to shop online for luxury brands. Then we moved to the competition A Dress to Impress by Silkor where young designers were invited to create a dress using Silkor wet towels.

Aya Elsa Yassine modeling for the Dress to Impress Silkor competition

Champagne before the beginning of the Fashion&Beauty Panel for the SMW Beirut

I personally participated to “When fashion blogs come to life”. This activity was part of the Beauty & Fashion panel as I just mentioned. My blog, L’armoire de Lana, as well as www.fashionbeirut.com and www.thedscoop.tumblr.com were selected as fashion blogs. Azzi & Osta, two amazing lebanese designers, had the task of creating a design according to each blogger and his blog’s identity.

Thus, we’ve started working with Georges and Assaad at the beginning of the month in their atelier in Gemmayzeh, Beirut. I personally loved the design they created for me as I really found it accurate with my personality and writing. When asked about the design they’ve created for me, they explained the following: they picked their best seller dress and decided to use a cherries-print to give it a different twist and added the pink neon belt for the crazy touch. This is the image I usually give the people when it comes to my personal style: the crazy-classic.

Wearing Azzi&Osta's design for L'Armoire de Lana

Loved my look! What do you all think?

I also totally ADORED the two other designs for Dalia and Mimi, I think Azzi & Osta were really able to catch the essence of their characters and styles.

Dalia Saad from www.thedscoop.tumblr in Azzi&Osta personalized design. Too cute!!

Mimi from www.fashionbeirut.com in her personalized outfit by Azzi&Osta. Isn't she gorgeous?

During this activity, we were present as bloggers wearing these designs and Hala Ajam was here for the beauty section as well as Azzi & Osta and two persons writing for RJmag (Rectangle Jaune magazine). Our discussion was lead by Elie Turky, the fashion and beauty editor of www.anazahra.com. I loved the experience as I got to meet people from diverse sectors of the social media frenzy-ness. I also found our discussions extremely interesting when we tried to think out loud about the close relationship between social media and Fashion.

-On the picture below, from left to right: fashion designer Georges Azzi, makeup artist Hala Ajam, fashion blogger Lana El Sahely, fashion blogger Dalia Saad, fashion blogger Mimi Wennstrom, Fashion&Beauty editor of www.anazahra.com Elie Turkey and fashion designer Assaad Osta

Georges Azzi, Hala Ajam, Lana El Sahely, Dalia Saad, Mimi Wennstrom, Elie Turkey, Assaad Osta

Georges Azzi, Hala Ajam, Lana El Sahely, Dalia Saad, Mimi Wennstrom, Elie Turky, Assaad Osta

I would like to thank all the organizers of Beirut Social Media Week, especially Monica. Another special thanks to Azzi & Osta who are definitely amazing designers. I am now a big fan! Stay tuned for more details about Azzi&Osta soon.

Fashionably yours,

                              Lana xx

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15 Responses

  1. Jinan Basma

    Love the dress Lana .utter elegance..colors complements your look.I highly encourage you to continue blogging and share your passion for fashion..keep on updating us with the latest trends..you should come to Dubai and check out the latest trends at Saks, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Lafayette, Louboutin,in addition to all the highstreet names .all big names for people with a craze for the latest updates.

    1. Jinan !!! Thank you LOADS! I’m currently working on the identity and the appearance of my blog as everything now is just temporary because I had to launch it the earlier possible for Social Media Week. Hopefully, more huge names to be featured ! And of course I’ll be coming to Dubai from time to time and in case, you know anyone in magazines and fashion stores or even young designers to shed the light on, let me know! Much Much Love!

  2. Jinan BASMA

    LANA! Dubai hold the Dubai Fashion week every year…A lot of local and international designers showcase their creations here too..As for young designers, I am not familiar with the people themselves but I have names…
    Dinz http://www.dinzboutique.com/ 2 young ladies
    Ayesha Depala
    Tala Al Samman.She is a fashion blogger too…she has a blog called fashdiary
    There are also two young Emirati ladies..
    Reem and Hind Beljafla who own DAS boutique (trendy abayas) http://www.dascollection.com/
    These are the names I can think of for now.I will update you with more new as soon as I get…
    TAKE CARE..kisses to mimo..

    1. Jinaaaaan, thank you again and again ! I’ve saved everything you wrote as I will be working on these later. I’m starting with Beirut and with Dubai next month hopefully!! Didn’t know you’re a family member of Mimo!! Kisses to you !

    1. Hey again, Yes I’ve heard of Tala’s blog and I read it from time to time as I discovered it through her mum who’s a friend of my mother. Tala was just chosen as the face of sephora and the style ambassador of mall of the emirates, I like her work.

  3. Jinan BASMA

    THIS IS THEIR BLOG http://www.sauceloves.com
    P.S..I am more a classical type person, but read and follow the latest fashion trends. I am more into kid’s fashion these days..It would be interesting to see a section on your blog dedicated for that…Will be more than happy to assist…

    1. Hey Jinannnnnn!! Thank you SO much for your help, it’s much needed! Listen, the blog appearance isn’t finalized yet and it should be by the end of the month as I’m working with a graphic designer and so. Then, I would be introducing a Men section and children one !!! And if you want to collaborate in that from Dubai, of course I dont mind!

  4. Jinan Basma

    akeed wouldn’t mind at all although I have quite a lot on my plate these days.
    Yalla, we’ll meet if you come to Dubai and discuss the further details…
    happy blogging…:)