Stunning Beirut: Reem Acra, Welcome Home

Reem Acra with her dog

The Lebanese-born New York designer opened on Wednesday November 3rd her first boutique in downtown Beirut.
It is exactly ten years ago that she launched her first bridal collection in New York
I had the honor and pleasure to be invited to this opening. I can really say that the setting and everything put in place for the event amazed me.

As you can see below, the hosts were dressed in a very original way, putting her oriental characteristics in value with the “tarboush” without forgetting the occidental touch with the classic black suits.

Reem Acra with the gentlemen that welcomed
 the people during the event.
I found it really interesting that the entire setting was full of red in the tiniest details. The entry of the store, seen from outside, was amazing with all the long red curtains. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a clear picture!

The cocktails and small delights offered during the ceremony were standing out as well! They were distributing small candies in the form of the famous oriental red hat or “tarboush”; they also presented small tiramisus with red powder on the top instead of the usual cocoa one! I love these touches!!

And a huge chandelier hones the store!! Loved it !

A small dance show was presented with two excellent performers. Successful event all in all, I should say I was very pleased for once!

While many would disagree because of the sectarian tensions, Reem said it is the right timing to enter the Lebanese market. She admits that she doesn’t know anything about the political situation and that she’s just “excited about the fashion part of Beirut”.
I love her latest collection that she presented for the opening: it is inspired by an American Princess, full of bejeweled corsets and blush gowns. Old movies and lost nightclubs once again come to mind.
Welcome back home Reem Acra!
Can’t wait to check her store from time to time !! Lebanese designers are undoubtedly amongst the most talented! And I can’t wait for the project of creating a fashion week in Beirut being finalized!!
Fashionably yours,
                                             Lana xx

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8 Responses

  1. The setting of the opening, seeing from your pics, have a very broadway feel to them (which I love!).As for 'Lebanese designers are the most talented'…I will have to disagree with you on that- sure, some are very talented, but in my view they are not the most talented, and certainly not all of them.

  2. About the second point! My bad, didnt mean to make it appear this way since i only have two fav lebanese designers which are elie saab and basil soda. but in the arab world, Lebanon is still considered as the main strand for fashion :), thats the idea i meant to convey..

  3. I love the men with the tarboush! It sounds like you had a wonderful time..the red touches sound just charming! Wonder if I will ever be able to afford one of her gowns…ehh probably not.

  4. C’est une amie a la famille de ma mere, she designed la robe de mariage de la femme de mon oncle! C’etait a NY mais avant qu’elle ne soit tres connue (1996).