Stunning Beirut: Nada G’s Powerful Stones

Saturday’s section is definitely my favorite. We always hear about how Lebanese people are able make it through and become extremely good at what they do. For this week, I picked a powerful woman, a realistic example for all of us.

Few years ago, on her 30th birthday, Nada Ghazal left her work in advertising in a very prestigious company in Dubai in order to fulfill a childhood dream: become an independent designer. Nada moved back to Beirut and created a small atelier producing home accessories and gold jewelry. Her first line of jewelry took off in 2003.

Nada Ghazal

From time to time, I will presenting few items from Nada’s numerous creations. As for now, I want you to discover this beautiful selection in the theme of powerful stones. We all are a little bit superstitious, especially in the Middle-East, so what if these items are also gorgeous?

I would also advise you to seriously consider one of these items when you’re thinking about getting a nice birthday present to a family member or friend. I did that 5 times!

I- Power Stones

Discover what precious stones mean and choose what would suit you the best from Nada G’s bracelets. These are available in leather bracelets and as bangles. Check below.

Amethyst -> Truth
Emerald -> True Love
Pearl -> Health
Topaz -> Loyalty
Aquamarine -> Courage
Diamond -> Innocence
Ruby -> Power
Blue Sapphire -> Wisdom
Onyx -> Happiness
Opal -> Hope

Power Of Stones Leather Bracelets - (18k Gold with diamonds & the precious stone of your choice)

Power of Stones Bangles- (18k Gold with diamonds & the precious stone of you choice)

 II- Birthstones                                                                               

Birthstones can be selected based on the birth date, according to the calendar month, or according to the zodiac sign. For example Ruby for Scorpio/Cancer/Sagittarius, Pink Saphire for Libra/Taurus, Emerald for Gemini, Diamond for Aries, etc.

Birthstones' Skin Necklaces-Power of Stones- (18k Gold with diamonds & precious stones)

Birthstones' Skin Bracelets- Power of Stones- (18k Gold with diamonds & precious stones)

Birthstones' Silk Bracelets-Power of Stones- (18k Gold with diamonds & precious stones)

I want us all women to take example from Nada, and try to turn our dreams to reality. After all, talent always can come out with hard work.


Tel.: +961 1 560591
P.O.Box: 175-567
Gouraud street, Gemmayzeh
Beirut, Lebanon

Tel.: +961 1 983443
Beirut Souks
Beirut Central District

If you love Nada G, stay tuned.

Fashionably yours,


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