Rochas SS15 – Ready To Wear – #PFW

Rochas is definitely back and this is something no one can argue. With this collection, the label reaffirms some of its iconic elements: the very flowy silhouettes, the high-waist ladylike skirt, the peter-pan collar, the flower details and a toned-down palette of colors.

I really liked this collection, especially the very light fabrics that were used for most of the looks. For the past two years, most spring summer collections look more winterish than summery with too many dark shades. Hence, one of the reasons I like this Rochas one in particular is because the light summer look is omnipresent. The oversized “R”s on some of the tops are very interesting, the metallics are gorgeous and the flat pointy metallic shoes are just perfect!! On the other hand, I’m not sure I’m a big fan of the belted cardigans but who knows, I might end up changing my mind by the time we reach the coming season.

Any thoughts on this collection?

ROC_0050 ROC_0103 ROC_0276 ROC_0381 ROC_0400 ROC_0554 ROC_0594 ROC_0681

More reviews coming up on the blog tomorrow!

Credits for the pictures: style.com

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx