Ride The Wave

Contribution by: Shoug El Nafisi

Change is inevitable.


Simply put, it’s another state of uncertainty; one that you could do without, most of the time. At many points in time, we’re comfortable with where we are, living within the security of a routine – a certainty, the kind that you’re likely to get very comfortable with, take for granted, and then barely notice its existence. You then go on to build a life on top of (or around) that. Then, when a surge of new energy comes in, and things get shuffled, moved around, and changed, you feel resentment. From afar, things can be dealt with rationally, but you? You feel confused, uncomfortable, and insecure.

Change, at first, might seem to shake you right from the core. It might even have you question the things that make you who you are. For a little while, you may even think that you’ve lost your self, because you lost one certainty – something you were very sure about, and very safe with.

You feel resentment? Yes.
Is it all that you can feel? No.

Just like a wave, created by a surge of energy, it can do harm, but it can, just as well, do good. It keeps the water moving, making it what it is, a home that continuously supports life, and creates opportunity.

Three keys to handling change:

  • Embracing the wave 101:

It’s real, and it’s happening. That said,

  1. Control what you can, let go of the rest.
  2. When you’re questioning yourself, remember that change is always your opportunity to grow. It’s your choice whether you want to grow, or to just keep taking the nudge to move until it gets painful.
  • Vulnerability is OK:

Feeling overwhelmed is only normal. Not doing anything about it is disastrous! Being in that state, you only harm yourself, and endanger the good that is around you; your relationships, career, and any potential source of strength.

  1. It’s OK to be vulnerable. Ask for help that empowers you to handle such change. Delegate duties that you don’t have to oversee directly, and rest when you need to.
  2. Have the right company around you. You may not be in the mood to go out, or socialize, but that isn’t the point. The right company would be your window for some fresh air when you need it, and your support.
  • Staying alive:

When things seem to get too out of hand:

  1. Stop. Stop absolutely everything you’re doing, close your eyes, and breathe. Remove yourself from any distraction, and then go about it as if you’re starting over.
  2. Time to prioritize. What is it that you’re about to do now? What will you be doing next?

Think only as far as the next step ahead. At this point, you cannot afford the anxiety of more uncertainty. And if you go a little off track, there’s always that one question that should put everything into perspective: What’s the worst that could happen?

We just love this one Shoug. Excited for next week!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx