Realities Of Working In Fashion

king in fashion is fun. While you could be the type always fringed up and wearing a shocker, most people in the field now go for a simple jeans and white tee. Our schedules are sometimes way too hectic to just keep on dressing up.

Yes, working is fashion is very competitive. However, I don’t believe that everyone working in fashion is terrible. Since I’ve entered this field, I’ve made more friends than encountered terrible people. When surrounded with individuals from the fashion world, you will immediately find out who you get on with. Trust me on this. Just like in everything else in life, some people will appreciate your work while others will criticize you or even be completely indifferent about what you do. The key is to learn who you work with best and not letting stress taking over you. Oh, and be prepared to lose friends.

Yes, you have to trust yourself.

Yes, you will be invited to parties. The more you enter the fashion world, the crazier it will get. Careful, find your balance.

Yes, you don’t need to wear designer clothes. You can be the best dressed in the room by simply channelling your own style, genuinely wearing your favorite pieces. High-street shops are to be mixed with other more luxurious brands.

Yes, you need to get a mentor. It’s not very hard to find this fair and good person, who will always be just an email away, having your back and advising on the right steps to take when you’re confused.

Yes, fashion shows are amazing. But also highly stressful. Make sure to go, sit, have your notebook and spot the upcoming trends. It’s not just about dressing up and being snapped by journalists.

Yes, fashion extends beyond Instagram. No matter how strong this tool is becoming, I believe in the power of magazines and blogs, where you can read and understand more.

This is just a little overview of things you might already know but that are important. You have to know your strength and embrace the power that fashion gives you of being able to change the world with just an image, a visual. Be creative, get inspired from the greatest and accept making mistakes. We’re all human beings after all.

I am wearing: Sandra Mansour SS15 white asymmetrical dress, Sylvia Toledano Clutch and jewelry from Joanna Dahdah Boutique, Christian Louboutin pumps.

Photography: Bachar Srour

Location: Liza Restaurant, Beirut, Lebanon

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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