Questions de Lanou


– How would you describe your wardrobe?

If I have to describe my wardrobe, I would say it’s first and foremost comfy, versatile, classical with a touch of modernity and a twist of originality, I have love for straight cuts, flowy dresses and good fabrics; what I mostly try to do is picking up items that share these characteristics and that follow current trends at the same time!
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– Do you have any specific habits in the way you organize your closet?

My closet is organized into two, the first part is for everyday clothes, denim, gym clothes, a couple of skirts, work outfits, and some shirts; while the other has my outing outfits, those that I like to put on when going out with friends, for a drink or for special occasions. In summer, we’re always on the move, everyday outings randomly pop out after work; this is why I organized my closet in a way that allows me to find my favorite items without necessarily losing time, making my best friend wait or missing out on a nice summer sunset.

 – What are your favorite items?

 My pastel top and matching short from Cacharel, its funny because my mom used to wear that brand when she was my age, she even recently passed me a top similar to the one I’m referring to, so I always associated that brand to that time, it does have a classical feel, but what I love about it is that it perfectly matches our times as well; color, cut and flowery-pattern wise, I feel my style is evolving, I’m not the usual Ensemble kind of girl, but I do love this one,

The new heels I found in a vintage shop and that I got for 60’000LL, I would have never bought them if my friend didn’t get the same ones and encourage me to buy mine! They’re an unusual twist to my typical style and I honestly haven’t worn them yet but I can’t wait to! Sometimes it’s nice to venture into unkown territories, especially when it’s at low cost!

The earrings my mom got me from Venezuela, I love the mixture of material used; especially that I’m a fan of crochet clothing and patterns!

And finally my carry-on lipstick, Craving by Mac, a perfect raspberry touch for both summer days and nights,
2014-07-28-18.02.34 2014-07-28-16.31.40

 – What’s lacking in your closet?

I’m looking for a typical 50s 60s dress, those that have a nice and tight upper part, and a large-flowy lower part, those dresses you can twist in and have the whole skirt turning!

– What do you find the most in your closet?

Pastels and denim, I love for both trends and I usually tend to mix them together 🙂