Pop Art Is Everything

Pop art emerged in the beginning 1950s in Britain but it wasn’t until the early works of New York artists (Angy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein) in early 1960s that it took its magnitude. The side I love the most about pop is how it reintroduced identifiable images/pictures from the mass media to art. I just love how it went for something extremely modern like faces well-memorized by the popular culture. It became all about celebrating commonplace people and objects of everyday life. It simply elevated popular culture to the level of fine art. It might not be your favorite type of art, however, I love how it brought art closer to people. In my opinion, the success of pop art resides in the fact that it was able to inspire all of the other artistic domains like fashion, architecture, interior design and more. I love the influence of pop art on fashion and it recently had its come back in terms of fashion themes. We’re seeing pop art everywhere: on skirts, shoes, bags and many other items. I particularly loved the Sarah’s Bag (Lebanese Designer) recent collection inspired by pop art.

I’ve had this Topshop pop-art printed skirt for a while already and I was very confused regarding how to style it. The idea was to keep everything else simple making sure the spotlight stays on the skirt. I loved wearing it with everything else in black. Minimalistic is recently my favorite way to go by..

I am wearing: pop-art printed skirt from Topshop, basic black tee from All Saints, Givenchy necklace, Zara shoes and YSL clutch.

Photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth

Location: Beirut, Lebanonlana-6looks-preview-13 lana-6looks-preview-14 lana-6looks-preview-15

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx