Prada SS 2017 – Day to Night Looks

With a superb installation by David O. Russel, the prada show was once more great acclaimed. If I had to pick one element that caught my attention throughout the show, I would say the classic shirt/blouse. With every look, it was revisited and redefined. I could wear a blouse everyday and in so many different ways if it goes back to me; which is why I particularly appreciated this collection.


We saw the classic shirt in various colors and various print interpretations; however every time the styling was different. Whether you decide to wear it over/under your turtleneck or over/under your bandeau top, make sure you create a contrast of colors. Yes, this is the number one style tip from the Prada SS17 show.

Moving on, we also noticed how for many of the looks, the models had bare legs, reminding us that this is a summer collection regardless the fact that many jackets walked the runway. Feathers surprised us, adorning many of the looks, sometimes on the tops, sometimes around the sleeves. They added a touch of lightness to the show, everything looked so airy as the models walk the runway.

The collection also had at heart this perfect balance between day/night looks. All of the pyjama looks could easily be styled and transformed from day outfits with the flats to night outfits with the high platforms and the clutches. Many looks also had encrusted jewels, which made them the perfect pieces for the ones looking for a girly feel.

As for the accessories, most of the bags were carried as clutches, keeping the brand’s contemporary feel very clear. This time, no socks with the shoes, more flats and a lot of kitten heels. As for the oversized necklaces, I’m sure you know how I fell in love, they simply completed everything.