Pack your suitcases!! It’s time for vacations!


Everyone craves a much needed vacation. But the worst part of any vacation, other than it always ends so soon, is the moment when you open your bag at the hotel to find wrinkled outfits and spilled toiletries. Thankfully a lot of experienced travelers have shared some amazing tips that will help us pack smarter this vacation season.

Wardrobe: Lay your clothes out ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need but don’t actually pack them until shortly before you’re ready to depart. That way you’ll minimize the time they spend squeezed up in your suitcase. On the other end of your trip, be sure to hang up your clothes as soon as you arrive in your hotel.

When it’s time to lay your clothes in your suitcase, don’t fold each item individually. Keep delicate clothes from wrinkling by folding them around cushiony items like sweaters and knit shirts. Place the top half of a pair of pants in your suitcase, for example, smooth a sweater over that, and fold the pant legs up over the sweater. Never fold clothes more times than is necessary to fit them in a bag. Also some travelers swear by tissue paper or plastic as a buffer between layers of clothing.

Space utilization: Fill the corners of suitcases with clothes rolled into little sausages. This way you can distribute lots of items evenly throughout a small bag. Though this method saves a lot of space, it is best suited for heavy-duty fabric items.

pic2Shoes: To protect shoes from scuffing and being crushed, stuff them with tissue or socks, and slip them into fabric or plastic bags.pic3Toiletries:  Buy travel-size cosmetic bags for your toiletries, regardless of the length of your trip. This includes your makeup remover, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. always double-bag them, first in the cosmetics bag, then in a plastic shopping bag. You definitely do not want a leak in your luggage.pic4Some other handy tips: – Leave some space in your bags for some travel shopping -Always write down a check list before packing – When packing hats, fill the head space with some socks to stop it from flattening  – pack some shopping bags for dirty items on your return trippic5Do you have your own packing secrets? Don’t hesitate to share them with us! This post was compiled by Jana Ezzeddine (interior designer), you can email her on [email protected] if you have any questions or to suggest new topics. Fashionably yours, Lana xx

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