Outfit Inspirations for Ramadan

When it comes to getting ready, our outfits are daily inspired by different things, be it the season, the weather and even our mood (and we all know how many outfit mood swings we tend to experience a day!).
This month, our fashion sense is to be inspired by the month Ramadan. Some of us change our style during this time of the year as a tradition, while others might look to fit the theme with style to Ramadan-related events or even on a normal day.

Here are few of my favorite looks you can try for the month of Ramadan!

Kaftan dresses:

There’s something magical about kaftan dresses that make us want to seek that Middle Eastern charm. You can always be edgy with the way you style it. Over-accessorize with statement earrings, necklaces, rings, multi-layered necklaces or even wearing a turban or a headband. You have so many ways to wear such a flowy garment, which makes it even better since you can always add your personal touch to that outfit.

What’s also great about kaftan dresses is that you can dress them up or down. You can pair them with heels and a clutch and you’re ready to go to an Iftar dinner.  While during the day you can wear the same kaftan dress with your favorite sandals and bag and you got yourself a casual look.





























Kimonos are a must for this month as you can wear them with practically anything.
Kimonos are flowy, practical and come in many beautiful prints, colors, and styles. While a kimono would certainly add character and a colorful touch to your outfit, it is also very comfortable. You will definitely find a kimono that fits your taste and style (I Promise!).













































Bohemian look

My personal favorite for this month is the bohemian style.
Reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, this style is famous for its abundance of colors and prints. Simple necklaces fit nicely with this look but you can also pull off statement rings and earrings. But what I love most about the bohemian look is that it is enough on its own with the exquisite print details. You don’t even need to accessorize.















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