A couple of weeks ago, I was super happy to share with you a short video on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as part of my participation to the recent campaign initiated by @VolvoCarsLebanon.

Only the lonely try to cross the street on an actual crosswalk. Yes, in our country, only the lonely stop at a red light. Only the lonely actually want to break the norm.

What about my lonely moments? It could be when I decide to wear whatever I want to wherever I’m going. It could also be when I stop in the middle of nowhere and snap a selfie, when I ask a random individual to actually take a picture of my outfit!

And this is what I did! I stopped by the #OnlytheLonely booth and asked someone to take my outfit picture of the day!

Now let me ask you, what are your lonely moments in Lebanon? When do you feel that no one else obeys the rules but you? Make sure to share these moments on social media using the hashtag #OnlytheLonely. Yes!  Let’s try to help our Beirut better one step at a time..

Beware, this is only for those who dare to stand alone.

I am wearing: black high waist pants and white printed top; both from Zara, black loafers from Prada, blue Antigona purse from Givenchy and mirrored sunglasses from Chanel.



Fashionably yours,

Lana xx