Once Upon A time in Paris Fashion Week!

… Oh wait! That love story doesn’t happen once; our hearts race every season with every fashion show, and melts with the latest ‘catwalk happenings’. Here is our latest fling from the Fall/winter 2016/2017 ready to wear runways.

Our fable’s legend had a gypsy soul to blame. She had a delicately soft spirit, just like the Elie Saab lace threads that danced melodically on the runway accompanied by sheer chiffon that cuddled every model’s flesh to the rhythm of suede boots and sandals with tassel trims.


Wherever she goes, flowers bloomed and splashed just like they were either densely or sparsely sprayed on all 47 Giambattista Valli looks leaving the room for a fresh spring breeze to invade our winter spirits. Mosaic botanical cutouts in black, yellow and blue illuminated skirts and turtle necklines to accompany total white baby-doll dresses, coats, vests, bomber jackets and gladiator footwear.


She was subtly elegant yet very powerful just like the Saint Laurent grotesque moulded shoulders pointing up to the skies in fur, leather or sculpted sequins. The beautiful craftsmanship marked the very short dresses of the runway giving them the “couture allure” in a ready to wear feel, especially with those massive cummerbund belts.


Her heart was as down to earth as the Chanel presentation reminding us of Chanel’s heritage. Minimal and elegantly straight to the point, Karl Lagerfeld’ presented an eclectic color palette and fabric board introducing light pinks, blues, blacks and metallics to frills, tweed and denim he later on switches to the equestrian side with leather riding boots and khaki overcoats.


She painted in Dior colors, the life of every person she met just like then hand painted prints of the devore velvets. Painting-like runway looks were styled with plain fabrics, embroidered motifs, draperies, asymmetrical shapes, peplums and not to forget the entirely embroidered statement bags and mobile rings.


She was born for leaving, just like every time, to a new season and fashion week, excitingly searching for new trends.

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