On The Hunt

e unleash of the “femme animale”. I remember being stunned by the sight of the vinyl thigh-high boots. What are these? Seriously, who would wear them? Never speak too soon my mama taught me but I couldn’t help it.

And there I am, six months later, falling in love with these shoes. Why? First, because they’re comfortable. Second, because of what they made me feel. Yes, yes, yes.

When I had to pick my look to attend the Dior fashion show, I wanted something that reflected perfectly Simons’ vision of the dark, liberated and strong woman for this season. Once more, I couldn’t resist burgundy and the reason I went for this dress is the turtleneck. I love how much elegance it can add to a woman’s silhouette. It is simple yet different, the skirt’s pleats make it a fun piece and I enjoyed swirling and swirling around on my way to the show 🙂

It became all about the accessories. I wanted the right bold choices. I picked the beaded Diorissimo in a heartbeat, I love strong details and this winter, I want to be going for more opulent pieces. The shoes made the difference, giving the look a sexier undertone, making me feel strong, empowered.

Sometimes during fashion week, we have to go out of our comfort zone and try new things!

I am wearing: dress and boots from Dior FW15 collection, Diorissimo studded purse from the same collection.

Location: Paris, France

Photography: Hana Levan (www.journeyintolavillelumiere.com)

IMG_7378 IMG_7259 IMG_7347 IMG_7398 IMG_7395 IMG_7515 IMG_7523 IMG_7456

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx