On Happiness

This isn’t a story of despair and triumph,I want to share with you a secret to a story of success.

Just like you, I’m always on the run, with a little too much on my plate. I look around for inspiration and I see how multitasking has never looked as beautiful as with a wife, mother, professional and social butterfly. Indeed, it’s at its finest; a true embodiment of productivity. After all, isn’t that what we’re all looking for, being “accomplished”?

You see, no matter what we do for a living, we’re all faced with challenges and have to figure out a way to get through. It seems that this is always the case. We’re hardly ever sitting down with nothing on our minds, and it feels like we’re always looking for something that we can’t seem to find. The question then is, regardless of our different lives, and challenges, does being accomplished, in that sense, make us happy?

Here’s the thing.

Everything else aside, we’ve all been searching for happiness, at least at some point in time. I’ve been looking too, and with the help of the right people, I got lucky.

The way I see it:

Happiness is not just in the journey, but the hunt, the challenge, and thrill.
Happiness, comes from having all three: Life, Gratitude, and Serenity.

To Live, is to experience it all; the good and bad, the joy and pain, the challenge, and the ecstasy of the win. To Live, is to have all your senses moved by the simplest of things. And to Live is to build the ridges to a fingerprint, one that is hopefully worthy of being your legacy. This is to Live, and not to simply exist.

As for Gratitude, it’s to look back and be thankful. It’s to look at the present, and be thankful. It’s to understand the blessing of the positive people around you who give so much of themselves to make your day a little better. It is to appreciate the moments you have to fall back on in the future. It is to be able to see the joy of servanthood, and the miracle of children.

Serenity, is to be able to Live the present, and to be in a state of sensual oneness. In other words, it’s to have the power to have your world pause for a moment while you “smell the roses”.

To be Happy, is to be invincible. It’s to believe that no matter what comes your way, you’re up to the challenge. It’s saying that you’ve built far more than skyscrapers and bridges for a legacy, and that you’re ready if the Director yells cut, and your time has come.

So, the next time you feel like the world’s conspiring against you, think again. That’s just your ticket to the ride of a lifetime.