Moroccan Dreams In Paris

When someone says Morocco, I think bold colors, beautiful fabrics, metallic linings, everything that makes the perfect statement piece. The return of oriental opulence as the main inspiration behind several collections makes me a proud Middle-Eastern.

When Elbaz decides to think about his roots and went back to his birthplace, Casablanca to design the Fall Winter 2015, everything made sense. What a beautiful place to start a collection, when we think Morocco, it evokes so many things. In an interview I read, Elbaz insisted “it’s a country of contradictions” and if we take a closer look at the designs, we realize that the influences were just elements to be able to achieve a more complex product. On a personal level, I love when traditional/classic elements are revisited to create an updated version. The collection was screaming Moroccan details yet it was different.

For Alber, “Fashion is a human story”, and it’s what I love about fashion, it should always be about little hidden stories, more important that the material item itself. In a digital age where everything is all about sharing as much content as we can on social media, it becomes important to always get closer to the designs, to understand the vision of a creative director, his inspirations and everything that makes a collection. Many people omit these stories that actually gives a depth to fashion.

My favorite details from this collection? Tassels, berber stripes, loads of bracelets, leather harnesses and a gorgeous gleam of gold to complete it.

I fell in love with his vision of the Moroccan kaftan, the gold linings are just right to make a statement, the shade of coral reminded me of Moroccan sunsets, the black tassels come to perfectly define the waste and my favorite part are the oversized sleeves and the subtle skirt slits for a very feminine silhouette. Couldn’t resist this dress. Matched with a statement earring, I fell it the look was complete.

I am wearing: Lanvin FW15 kaftan dress, Yves Saint Laurent black pumps, Charlotte Olympia Clutch and Dream Catcher earring from Sandra Mansour SS16 collection.

Location: Paris, France

Photography: Hana Levan (www.journeytintolavillelumiere.com)

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx