Monochrome for Women’s Day

This year, I chose to celebrate women’s day in black and white. Why? White is purity, wholeness, innocence, perfection. Black is the unknown, a hidden mystery yet something strong. Black and white complete each other, just like men and women in this world. This color combination translates structure, professionalism, a strong balance.

Women empowerment has been my main focus on the blog for the past three years and the more time passes, the more I want to be able to inspire women, take initiatives that will make a change in our region of the world. This year, I had to be in Paris for women’s day but I hope to be working on projects that can constantly remind women of their importance in our societies, especially in our part of the globe. Our oriental societies are changing, we see more women taking big responsibilities. With social media, the change came ever faster as we can all chose to follow inspiring ladies from different fields that are leading strong lives yet are still very attached to our family values. It’s the balance I’ve been trying to find. I know that it’s not easy but it’s all about finding these little habits that will help you affirm yourself, it doesn’t have to be through work. But you must constantly be looking for little daily achievements that will empower you, it’s the greatest way to also teach your children to follow this path.

I’ve been currently obsessed with oversized shirts and I couldn’t help spotting this Lanvin piece. Loved styling it in a very classic way, with matching pants, little details and the right statement pumps. The kind of look that makes you feel ready for anything coming your way!

IMG_3574-Edit IMG_3511-Edit IMG_3474-Edit IMG_3471-Edit IMG_3556-Edit IMG_3489-Edit IMG_3472-Edit IMG_3438-Edit

I am wearing: Lanvin SS16 oversized shirt and black pants, Jimmy Choo lace pumps and L’Afshar clutch.

Photography: Hana Le Van

Location: Paris, France

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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