Lana recommends: Cinderella’s slipper

So as I was looking up few things on Facebook yesterday, I stumbled upon a Lebanese brand that I’ve never heard about previously! The name of this brand is “Louqya”. It is all about very fine handmade shoes, bags and dresses. They still don’t present a lot of products but I think it really is a great work.

For today, as it is about shoes, I’ve picked two creations from Louqya: the Cinderella’s Slipper and the Travel Queen. These shoes are very expensive as their price goes about $1,500 but I found the work in them so gorgeous especially when I read that the creator considers them to be more of a concept then shoes. And I cannot but share all this with you all!

-Cinderella’s Slipper:

Cinderella's Slipper by Louqya

A closer look to the design

These shoes are covered with Swarovski crystals, vintage jewelry pieces, pearls, glass beads and very carefully chosen embellishments.

– The Travel Queen:

The Travel Queen by Louqya

Here are more details

Every pair is very different because of the thousands of pieces covering them. You also have to note that as these are handmade shoes, you have to order them in advance.

Aren’t they so dreamy?!

For more information:


Fashionably yours, 

                                 Lana xx

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