Mon Armoire: Wear a neon clutch

One of the best ways to make your outfit extra-fabulous this summer is to invest in a great neon clutch. These would really turn your looks into something totally different! Plus, it’s not so complicated to style!

Why to invest into a neon clutch:

1. It is extremely trendy, neon tones are a must-have in your closet for SS12.

2. Any bright color is just like any other shade, the only difference is to be more attentive when styling it.

Checkout how I’ve styled my new Dior neon yellow clutch:

I am wearing: Balmain denim, vintage Roberto Cavalli navy blue velvet top with silver, Dior navy blue pumps and a yellow neon Dior clutch. My nail polish is “Lion Around” by Essie. Makeup by Hala Ajam.

Tips on how to style a neon clutch:

Tip 1: Try to create a contrast between a dark color and the neon purse.

Tip 2: Avoid the use of too many colors, try to focus on not more than a couple of ones in your outfit.

Tip 3: Neon clutches are amazing to turn the simplest casual outfit into a fashion statement, so make sure you match yours with extremely simple outfits; you simply wear it with a short black dress or with a black short and white blouse.

What to avoid with bright clutches:

1. Always pay attention to the quality of the product you want to get because bright colors can look extremely cheap if the fabrics/materials used are not of good quality.

2. Avoid carrying such a clutch if you’re wearing other bright colors.

That’s it for tonight, hope you’ve got more courage now to get out from the classic trends!

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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9 Responses

  1. Bravo Lynn, you should embrace the trend the soonest, be careful when styling them!!

    Habibi Linda, you rock; your comments are always the sweetest!

    Devorah dear my blush is “Orgasm” by NARS. Thank youuu :$

    Hahaha Aline habibi it’s an honor that you like the styling :), I needed to take such a picture hahahaha but yes i’m the type who doesn’t get cold at all!