Urban Chic

What is urban chic? Can something urban be chic? And could we categorize chic by being urban?

Recently, this term is being mentioned a lot and today, I was getting ready to share these pictures with you, it came to my mind. But then, I realized, what is it about my outfit that actually makes urban chic? The truth is simply that it’s all about your interpretation!

When you look into the Urban Dictionnary, urban chic is defined as: elegant, stylish with an urban twist. So, basically you can go for a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, a cut-out dress, a skinny jeans with a very clear wash, etc. It’s all about your items feeling secondhand but all in good fashion.

I decided to interpret urban chic with a dress dress that has nice cutouts on the sides, made of lycra; which is actually a very common fabric. I contrasted the very simple dress with colorful earrings, statement shoes and an embroidered clutch. The entire look was being shot as I was taking a stroll down the street; which I actually adore because you will see that the mood is very urban, very modern.

In a world where vintage is becoming the favorite fashion mood, I still hang on into the very raw side of an urban set up, combined with modern and laid-back outfits to which we give a hint of chic thanks to the accessorizing.

I am wearing: black lycra dress with cut-outs from Helmut Lang, black heels from Azzedine Alaia, Electric blue earrings from Dior and a grey snake-print clutch with beadings from a very random shop.

Photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx


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