Mon Armoire: The After-Party Bride

When they ask me about my favorite bride in the history of the word, only Grace Kelly comes to my mind. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful bride, so elegant and poised, in a timeless dress. Her headpiece was definitely one of a kind!

When we think of brides in general, we could categorize each very differently: the simple bride, the bride in a princess cut dress, the bride in a mermaid dress, the day-party party, the cocktail bride, etc. All of these are appellations I came with right now, as I was writing. The main idea I want to convey here is that the dress you pick on your big day defines how you see yourself as a bride but also shows a lot about your character. For example, if you usually dress in a very sexy way, you’re most likely to go for a tight dress or a corset. Being a bride myself, I went through this dilemma over and over again before deciding on a wedding dress. I can’t say anything about it yet, so let’s move on to something else.

If there’s something I’m sure about, I wouldn’t go for a short dress on my wedding day. However, I love the look of an after-party bride. Whether in a simple long dress or in a short fluffy dress, there’s something about her being so relaxed that makes her look even more beautiful. Last week, I decided to be an after-party bride; I wore a short white dress with a lot of ruffles and an asymmetrical hem. And what better way to dance the night off than in a pair of flats? Honestly if you’re a bride this summer, I really recommend you to go for my #larmoiredelanaforpoise sandals. First, they literally match everything and the little meringue along with the metallic stripes make them look so cute yet fancy. Second, they’re extremely comfortable and they constitute a great choice to shift to after wearing your heels for hours.

For her after-party wedding, a summer bride goes for vintage and/or statement jewelry, not fine jewelry. Her dress is all about the high quality of the fabric used and the cut absolutely must enhance the beauty of her thin waist. She chooses a hairstyle that resembles her a lot and makes her look natural, beautiful. She’s tanned. Her makeup is always subtle, with a lot of mascara, a little brown eyeshadow and a nude lipstick. She’s entirely herself, ready to enjoy every single second of what’s coming up.

I am wearing: short white dress with an asymmetrical hem by Joe Challita, my Meringue a L’Or Rose flats (L’Armoire De Lana for Poise Design), vintage statement earrings available at Pastel Boutique (in Downtown Beirut, facing Roadsters and Collins).


Discover the complete photo -shoot in this gallery:

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx