Sunray Pleats

All pleats usually involve folding the fabric and each folding strategy creates different types of pleats. This summer, we’ve got some strong love for the sunray pleats, also called plissé soleil. Sunray pleats are made of a set of narrow knife pleats that are narrower at the top and usually worked on fabric cut on the bias. These are so narrow that they actually stand away from the body, which is actually a characteristic for the best types of skirts. I’m not here to give a little crash class on pleats but them being a traditional sewing technique in fashion, I thought important of going through these little details.

When I say: dress with a pleated skirt, what famous look comes first to your mind? Personally, I immediately think about the famous accordion pleated white dress of Marilyn Monroe, from the movie “The Seven Year Itch”. When I think pleated skirt, I also remember the classic knife pleats of the Scottish tartan skirt. Wearing a pleated dress or a short/long pleated skirt has always been considered as a classic. Every year, several brands revisit this tradition in very different ways.

When it comes to pleated skirt, I love styling them with a touch of modern, making this classic staple look anchored in our times. For example, I’d wear a pink pleated skirt with a black leather jacket, chunky heels and an oversized skirt. As for the long pleated skirt, I’d love to wear it with metallic sandals, a very simple white top and a statement headpiece.

Our summers in Beirut are filled with engagements, weddings and much more family events. I was very excited for my friend’s engagement dinner a few days ago and I wanted to wear something that would stand out. After doing a little tour around the shops in town and coming back home empty handed, I decided to go look into my mother’s closet. As usually, I ended up finding the perfect match. I found an electric blue Dior dress that she had bought about two years ago. Why did I pick this dress? First, its very elegant pleated skirt and second, its color.

Makeup: Fady Kataya

Hair: Sami from Tony El Mendelek hair salon

I am wearing: A Christian Dior dress from a previous collection, L’Atelier Nawbar statement earrings



For more pictures, discover the gallery below:

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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