Mon Armoire: Style a Colored Leather Jacket

Spring is almost a month away and soon, it will be about time to take the coats in and go for comfier alternatives like leather jackets. These jackets are definitely amongst the most practical attires for Spring. Here’s a post with tips to style your colored leather jacket.

Why to invest in a leather jacket?

To start, more generally, it is primordial to invest in a great leather jacket because it can serve you in coming up with both formal and casual looks. We’ve been used to the classical black/brown leather jacket and for the course of the last season, we’ve started to divert our interest to another sphere of colors that englobes both bright and pastel shades.

Pastel Shades:

This is, in my opinion, the most practical range of colors to check out. In fact, nude colors are very versatile and a leather jacket of such a color would help complete so many of your outfits! This spring, collections are releasing such leather jackets in off-white, dark beige, mocha and even pastel pink. Personally, I’m looking for such a piece and I’ve just seen online that Zara has 2 gorgeous ones in their Spring collection!!

Pastel Pink leather jacket for $238, ZARA Spring 2012 Collection (I'm so going to check this one out!!!)

Off-white leather jacket with studs for $265, ZARA Spring 2012 Collection

Bright Shades:

For winter 2011, we’ve also seen a great number of bright leather jackets: purple, red, green, blue and even orange!

Bottega Veneta burnt-orange leather jacket (www.net-a-porter.com)

Ultimately it is not only the price and pattern of the leather jacket which defines the look of a celebrity but also the shade which is donned. Apart from flaunting about the shade of the attire also try to flaunt some attractive curves but in parameters which add enacting look to your persona at the same time maintain your modesty.

How I styled my green leather jacket:

I am wearing: Paige jeans, Massimo cotton white blouse, my mother’s vintage dolce&gabbana leather jacket, Louis Vuitton dark brown boots, Louis Vuitton Noé handbag, Gucci scarf.

Out for meetings!

Tips on how to style a colored leather jacket:

1. First, I would personally advise you to stick to pastel tones (mocha, pastel pink, off-white) and jewel tones (dark blue, purple, burgundy, green). In fact, bright colors like orange and yellow won’t always be versatile pieces for your closet!

2. When you want to wear such jackets, try to always associate to them very neutral colors like black, brown, beige.

Victoria Beckham all in black with a dark green leather jacket and a long necklace

3. For a casual look, wear dark denim pants and a simple blouse/a patterned tee. You can go for ankle boots/high-knee boots if it’s raining or flats if it’s sunny. Try to add a scarf or a long necklace to prep it up!

Black lively in dark denim and a blue leather jacket

4. If you’re wearing a very simple short dress and stilettos for a night out, a colored leather jacket would be just gorgeous to add a twist to what you’re wearing!

Ashley Green in a pastel blue leather jacket with a simple short red dress

5. Always think that this is just another leather jacket, try not to focus on its color but more on the flexibility of it; on the grade shade it can add to your allure.

If you’ve been hesitating about this trend, it’s time to start looking for one of these jackets! With the last sales day, you can find a great deal out there!

Fashionably yours, 

                                Lana xx

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