Real Ladies Also Wear Pants

They say a true lady only wears dresses, not too short, not too tight; just right. But what about today’s working lady? How to manage wearing a dress or a skirt on crazy days during which we’re handling a meeting after another?

I’m a die-hard pants+sneakers combination lover. As much as I make sure that I dress in a little dress to impress on my big days, there’s nothing wrong about going a little sporty when needed.

Thankfully enough, the whole casual feel is in trend and it seems it’s going to be around for a while. I’m currently loving the adaptation of denim and how it’s being incorporated and mixed with other fabrics, it makes an item look much richer. The total suit look being another trend of the season, I loved matching a denim jacket with leather details with stretch back pants and denim details perfectly matching the upper part of my outfit.

Even if your style could tend to be too preppy and girly, wedge sneakers are a little must. They give you more height; which actually makes you indirectly walk with more elegance and confidence while feeling comfortable and ready to run kilometers to get everything done right in time.

I am wearing: black pants with denim details, denim jacket with black leather details, black and metallic wedge sneakers and a black clutch; all from Barbara Bui’s boutique in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon.

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx