Mon Armoire: On A Date With Tisci in Dubai

If there’s one thing in life that I adore more than anything else, it has to be travels. I love discovering new places and I love living different moments and experiences. It wasn’t my first time in Dubai but every time I go, I feel I need to experience the desert once again. 

I love the sea and everything about it, especially how much it soothes me..and surprisingly enough, every time I go to the desert, I realize how it actually has the same effect on me. Just the fact of looking far far away and being able to see nothing else but the sand and the horizon line is simply perfect.

With my work and because I have to be constantly connected, in all possible ways, whether through the blog or the rest of my social media platforms, I always need these little breaks to make me feel that I can be far away and get resourced once again..

I am wearing: white shorts with gold studs from Zara, black Tisci t-shirt from Les Artistes, Superman converses and the Givenchy mini-antigona purse in yellow.

Location: Bab El Shams resort, Dubai, UAE

DSC00032 DSC00036 DSC00038 DSC00039 DSC00046 DSC00045Fashionably yours,

Lana xx


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