Mon Armoire: My Natural Makeup (DIY)

I’ve learned to put my own makeup while simply spending several hours just trying out my mother’s products until I actually turned 18 and found my mother offering me an enormous Chanel makeup case. This is when the addiction got worse..

I have a sort of signature makeup, something always very natural and centered around brownish eyeshadows and very natural blushes/bronzers.

The tricks:

1. For natural looks, always try to go for very subtle colors that would suit almost anything you’d be wearing. This is why brown, cinnamon, plum, light gold, beige and all of these tones are just perfect for that.

2. Focus on the darkening and thickening your eyelashes with the right mascara(s). Your eyes will only look bigger; which will enlighten your face.

3. The right blush will be something between pink and peach with a very light shimmer. Fabulous.

4. Be careful about the concealer you go for, it has to match your skin color and it’s suppose to help your eyes stand out better.

5. Nude, coral pink and peach are great shades for your lips. Make sure to draw them with a lip pencil first, it will help your lips’ lines show out better.

6. Use a black kohl to fill your lower eyelid and then with a brush add a little bit of eyeshadow, this is the best trick of all.

On the below pictures, I have used: “Cinnamon” single Chanel Eyeshadow, YSL “Touche d’Eclat” concealer, “Orgasm” NARS Blush, Diorshow and Hypnose mascaras, Sephora Jumbo black eyeliner and “La Pausa” n.08 Chanel lipstick.

I hope this was helpful. Stay tuned for more easy beauty tips soon!

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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