Mon Armoire: From Shabby-Chic to LA Girl

lighted to finally share with you my super fun styling session at Maje’s new boutique in Paris, located at the Champs Elysées. First, allow me to thank ABC Lebanon for giving me this great opportunity, I’m an avid lover of the brand philosophy and it was particularly interesting to discover this new spot as well as the inspirations behind the Spring Summer 2014.

Second, allow me to thank Sonia, brand manager of the Champs Elysées branch, as well as Marion for being the sweetest.

What I loved about the collection is that it’s the perfect mix of several themes: shabby-chic, LA Girl, Chateau Marmont and On the road. It’s a very contrasted collection going from the white lace of the Shabby-chic mood to the leather of the One the Road mood and the coral red of the Chateau Marmont feel.

I had a lot of fun creating my 4 looks:

1. White dress/Black shoes: I loved going for one of the iconic fabrics of this collection, called “maille de basket”..this little white dress will look gorgeous on your tan this summer..and why not matching it with classy black wedges with strap bands?


2. Off-white suit: the total suit mood is one of the trends of the season and as I fell in love with the pair of off-white pants with lace details, I couldn’t help but matching it with the respective blazer and teaming with them a simple black top. I would definitely advise you to go for this trend, especially for very chic night outs.


3. Leather pants, booties: I’m crazy about leather pants and I keep on wearing mine until it’s way too hot to handle them! I like how they define my figure and when they’re skinny, it’s nice to pair them with statement shoes like lace-up booties or even chunky heels. A special tribute to this striped blouse that’s actually the designer’s favorite item from this collection!


4. Printed Pants and neutral blazer: I always say that curvy ladies should try to stay away from printed pants so please be careful about the outfit I’m going to describe. I love printed pants and this one is particularly gorgeous because the border is made of leather, loved pairing it with a very simple top and blazer (made of colors actually available on the printed pants), hence creating a very nice coordination. I’m in love with nude pink this season, it gives a very romantic and sensitive feel to your beauty.


What is always interesting about fashion is how multifaceted a brand can be and I don’t like to actually shed a like on a brand as a whole so I always want to focus on the actual key items, inspirations behind the collections, the materials used, the philosophy behind the brand. This is why you absolutely must take a look at Maje’s SS14, there’s quite a change as it’s offering a wide range of items that could perfectly take you from a day look to a night look, especially if well accessorized!

Enjoy more pictures in the below gallery:






Stay tuned for the reveal of my interview with Maje and a special preview of their new Parisian boutique!

Meanwhile, make sure to drop by all ABC branches if you like any of the items in this article, or by the brand’s boutique in Downtown, Beirut.

For more information:

Visit ABC Lebanon Facebook page here

Maje website

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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