Mon Armoire: Black lace for a friend’s wedding

There we go with the wedding season! It has officially started with me on April 28th when a close family friend got married. I personally love this exhaustion I get every time I’m getting ready for such gatherings, there’s nothing more beautiful than to get ready to go enjoy your time and celebrate the happiness of people you love!

As it was an indoor wedding at the Four Seasons in Beirut, I chose to go for something classic and timeless. Black lace is something I particularly have affection for. To give more power to the dress, the necklace and the hairstyle were my weapons of choice. 

I am wearing: D&G short black lace dress, Dolce&Gabbana bold necklace, Dior pumps and a vintage Cavalli black&gold clutch that has like a bracelet to hold it.

Makeup: by the artist Elie Feghaly, Hair styling: Tony El Mendelek

As for the hairstyle I chose to go to, it was inspired by a sort of ponytail that Brigitte Bardot used to love doing. I believe it adds more elegance to what I’m wearing and it fits the ‘theme’ just well. Do you like it?

Hairstyle a la Brigitte Bardot

I went for a very light makeup. I love brown and light gold eyeshadows when I’m wearing black. It makes the look much softer. I love how Elie gave such a natural look!

That’s all for now! I want to read your thoughts!

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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6 Responses

    1. Patricia, thank you gorgeous girl :$:$!!! I admit preferring lace on sheer but black on black is more elegant for such an event giving the fact that my dress is short!!! xxxo