Mon Armoire: Bag crush of the season #CHANEL

Chanel’s Paris-Bombay collection is my favorite collection from the brand’s last two years releases. Everything about it is just so different, the bold elements, the gold, the headbands, the shimmers, so breathtaking. This collection hits the stores in September and if you’re lucky enough, you can still find some of the gorgeous bags and clothes. As for our Chanel Beirut store located in Foch street Downtown, I passed by the other day and found out that most of the bags (including the one mentioned in this post) just arrived!!!!

Today, I just want to share with you a very rare piece from that collection.

First it’s a black lamb skin Chanel so it’s classic and second, those little studs are a winner! I just can’t explain it well enough but I’m genuinely in love with it! It could turn any outfit from dull to fabulous!!!

Let me know your thoughts about it !!

Fashionably yours,
                            Lana xx

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