Mon Armoire: Asymmetric Overall

Asymmetrically shaped clothing is definitely a must for your 2012 closets. Right before new year, the latest trends are already in store bringing in both glamourous and comfy items. A noteworthy trend is the asymmetrical tops, jackets, dresses and even jumpsuits. What I love about that trend is that it’s enough to have a one-shouldered dress or a top with an asymmetrical hem to look different. I think it’s a great alternative to embellishments when it comes to give another level to clothing.

Christmas shopping was full of surprises and I couldn’t help but get this gorgeous black Zara asymmetric overall for only 135,000LL. This item is still available in stores, and it comes with a thin red belt. However, I always love recreating outfits so I went into my mother’s closet and borrowed a black&gold Gucci obi belt and a fabulous new pair of Louboutin. Finally, as I needed to add a bit of color, I went for that light emerald Nina Gonzalez crocodile clutch. My nail polish is Graphite de Chanel.

As you can see, my outfit is very simple yet elegant AND comfy. The twist with the one-shoulder gave me a very different allure. Stay creative, new year’s eve is coming along!

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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